Property Management Fees are:

  • Commission on rent collected 8.5% + GST
  • First and final inspections of any tenancy $40 + GST
  • Thorough condition report upon commencement of management $130 + GST

Property Management includes:

  • Property viewings, finding, checking & signing up new tenants
  • Collection, payment to Tenancy Services and refunds of bonds
  • Collection and distribution of rents
  • Communications with tenants and owners
  • Property inspections about every 3 months, with a report and photos emailed to you
  • Attending to standard repairs and maintenance and payment of creditors where agreed
  • Chasing up of any rent arrears
  • Tenancy Tribunal notices
  • Tenancy Tribunal orders
  • First mediation hearings

Other Standard Costs

(incurred whenever there is a change of tenant)

  • Service fee of one weeks rent + GST
  • Advertising ‘To Let’ on TradeMe and about $163 incl GST (subject to change)
  • Tenant Credit Check, up to $40. Only the chosen tenant is checked, not everyone who views the property.
  • Please note, these prices are current and are subject to change at the relevant company’s discretion.

Project Management Fees are:

  • An hourly rate of $65 + GST
  • For work undertaken over and above standard Property Management services, for example, managing and overseeing larger renovationProjects
  • By agreement only